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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Seller Needs Cash! Selling Tom Landry Signed Football

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Listing News:

Seller Needs Cash!
Selling Tom Landry Signed Football

I found this listing for a football signed by the First, Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Tom Landry, for sale on craigslist. But that's not all as it has also been signed by Hall of Famers, Rayfield Wright and Mel Renfro.

The price the seller is asking for the Tom Landry signed football seems more than fair. However, note in the seller's description that on the one hand he states; "Hate to sell but need the cash". But then on the other hand he states; "Open to trades". So I don't know. Maybe that just means he's, ...willing to negotiate?

Seller's Description:
official wilson NFL football signed by 3 DALLAS COWBOY hall of famers. Tom Landry, Rayfield Wright and Mel Renfro all original signatures on the official game ball protected all its life in a sealed case. One of a kind with 3 great Cowboy legends. Hate to sell but need the cash. Email with any questions. Open to trades.

Listing Details:
(No Photos)

Listing Location: dallas craigslist

Listing Link: DALLAS COWBOYS football signed by 3 hall of famers - $375 (north of Frisco)


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