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Saturday, August 29, 2009

How To Post your Dallas Cowboys Classified!

Dallas Cowboys Classifieds:

How to Post
Your Dallas Cowboys Classified!

To post your Dallas Cowboys Classified is as Easy as sending an Email!


Click the "Post Your Dallas Cowboys Classified!" link in the sidebar of this blog to open your email client/application/program.

Or, Copy and Paste;

into the "To:" field of your email.
{Remove the (AT) and Replace with @.}


Type the "Title" of your listing,
into the
"Subject" field.

Type the "Text" of your listing,
into the
"Body" of your email.

Now Click "Send!!!"

(Click pic to Enlarge.)

NOTE: Pictures Must Be "ATTACHED"!!!

SideLine: If you have a Dallas Cowboys Football related site, you may advertise your site by posting your "About Page" (or even a short description of your site), with your link at the Bottom of your post.

Want Ads are also Welcome!


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