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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dallas Cowboys House Slipper Shoes For Sale!

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Listing News: from Touchdown Cowboys.

 Dallas Cowboys 

House Slipper Shoes 

For Sale!

Dallas Cowboys House Slipper
Dallas Cowboys House Slipper

Support The Dallas Cowboys while relaxing in the comfort of your ComfyFeet slippers!

These slippers are a great gift for kids, students, Mom, Dad, Grandparents, and/or alumni. With a thick foam sole and padded upper, this house slipper will make your feet cozy and toes toasty as you curl up to watch the big game.

During the summer, this slipper's bright colors make it perfect as a decorative piece for your home or office. And don't be afraid to get it dirty, because this 100% polyester slipper is machine washable and easy-to-clean!
The slipper features your favorite NFL colors complete with the team name and logo!
Patented Comfy Feet slipper, used under Forever Collectibles NFL License.

List Price: $37.45
Price: $29.95 - $37.45

Link: Comfy Feet Men's Dallas Cowboys 01 Indoor Slippers
From Comfy Feet 


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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dez Bryant Arrested for Assault on Mom!

Dallas Cowboys Classifieds: News:

Dez Bryant Arrested for Assault on Mom!

Dez Bryant Arrested

With the Dallas Cowboys training camp just two weeks away, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is in trouble again.

The talented wide receiver was arrested Monday after being accused of attacking his mother during an argument, hitting her arms and face. He faces a charge of family violence, a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

The 23-year-old Bryant surrendered Monday after police in DeSoto, south of Dallas, issued a warrant. Police said Angela Bryant called 911 Saturday to complain her son was assaulting her. Police arrived to find her with a swollen wrist and thumb and bruising on her upper arms, police Capt. Ron Smith said. "She told police she had grabbed Dez Bryant's shirt and he forcefully knocked her arms away", Smith said. "Police say he hit her on the face with a ball cap and pushed her in the chest". (YahooNews)

Ok, I'm no Dez Bryant fan, but there's something just not right here. To start, by his mother's own statement, it sounds like Dez was Defending his-self. And have you Seen his mother? Even the incredible Hulk would be afraid of this woman. And the way she walks, is as a belligerent human being who is use to throwing her weight around and... Abusing people.

Again, I emphasize, I am Not a Dez Bryant fan.
But "SHE SAID, SHE" grabbed Dez Bryant's shirt!

And the Ball Cap to the face; like he was trying to swat a Blood-Thirsty Bear on the nose?

And pushing her in the chest.
Again I ask, "have you Seen that woman"?
I mean, there is No Way you're going to push this woman in the chest, and live. Of course, if you're already being threatened...?

So I don't know but that Dez is a rebellious little Mamma's Boy, and with good reason. Yeah I know you ain't suppose to treat your momma that way. But then, I've seen lots of mommas starve and even sell their babies as sex slaves for a couple of hits of smack. So please don't give me that "Momma is an Angel", bull crap. Women prove everyday, that they can be just as evil as any man. And as the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Dez Bryant is his Mommy's Boy.


Update: July 23, 2012 Now Dez's momma, is trying to have the charges dropped against her son - as she probably didn't realize she was robbing her own purse -  but the Dallas DA says he will prosecute anyway as he no longer needs the mother's testimony. Irony?

Also: Read this article by Berry Tramel  who quotes one of Dez's teachers who said;
“He (Dez) comes from absolutely no home life, but when he was drafted, the family came out of the woodwork.”
And you know what? I Believe him! As I said at the beginning of my post, I'm no Dez fan, but there's just something no right... about his mother. In fact, I'm thinking, SHE'S the one who should have been arrested. Yeah I know you're not suppose to put your hands on a woman. Yet who taught us that, but our mother's. And mother's, ain't saints! I mean if they were, then they wouldn't have so many kids, by so many Different fathers ...or, "sperm donors" as men are now called.

At any rate, I wish Dez the best, and his mother... Karma!

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