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Saturday, August 29, 2009

About The Dallas Cowboys Classifieds!

Dallas Cowboys Classifieds!

The Dallas Cowboys Classifieds!

Dallas Cowboys Classifieds is a FREE Classified Listings Blog created Exclusively for Dallas Cowboys Football fans (both buyers and sellers).

Designed to aid in Searching, Buying, and Selling, Dallas Cowboys Football collectibles and memorabilia. You should not consider the Dallas Cowboys Classifieds as a "One-Stop" shopping site for Dallas Cowboys football collectibles and memorabilia. But you should definitely consider us as your "First-Stop" in shopping for Dallas Cowboys football collectibles and memorabilia. Why? Because, all we do is shop for Dallas Cowboys football collectibles and memorabilia. So that, what you will find here (aside from listings posted by our patrons). Are all the "Bargain and Sale Listings" we find from all over the internet. ;)

The Dallas Cowboys Classifieds are supported by the Google Ads you see around our site, and they are Key in keeping the Dallas Cowboys Classifieds, FREE!

Google Ads also provide our readers and subscribers an Added source for locating the Perfect Autographed Dallas Cowboys Football, Jersey, Helmet, and many other Dallas Cowboys Football memorabilia items. So PLEASE, if you cannot find what you are looking for on our site, "use" the Google ads to find it somewhere else.

We have even provided a Google Search feature to help you find your item.

In deed, Dallas Cowboys Classifieds is being specifically structured to aid Dallas Cowboys Football memorabilia fans and sellers, to accomplish their goal of either buying or selling Dallas Cowboys Football memorabilia.

However, other than providing "blog (Ad) space", and even "blog (Want Ad) space"; Dallas Cowboys Classifieds is in no way associated, nor affiliated with, any sellers, buyers, or manufacturers of Dallas Cowboys merchandise.

Nor are we in any way affiliated or associate with, the Dallas Cowboys,, DallasCowboysStore, or DallasCowboysAuctions. (Although we do "blog about" any, DallasCowboysStore, and DallasCowboysAuction merchandise, and/or memorabilia, those organizations offer, or may offer, for sale or auction.)

We also blog about memorabilia and we find on other sites (such as Ebay and craigslist), but are in no way associated with those sites either unless otherwise stated.

And of course, from time to time we will blog about Dallas Cowboys News from around the blogosphere including news from Digg,,, YahooNews, GoogleNews, and other news agencies.

All in all, the Dallas Cowboys Classifieds was designed for You, the user. Note however, that we are in our infancy. And as we are adding new features of "search and display" as fast as we can, we are always open for suggestions. So if you have a suggestion, or if you would like to Contact us, send your emails to:

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Thank You for visiting and Please,

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