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Friday, September 3, 2010

Dallas Cowboys Limited Edition Footballs For Sale!

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Listing News:

Dallas Cowboys
Limited Edition Footballs
For Sale!

DCC has found Four (4) Limited Edition
Dallas Cowboys Footballs for sale on craigslist.

Seller only give one price ($250), and does not say "if" that price is for "each", or all four. If it's for All Four Footballs, then I should probably run over there and pick'em up myself. Unfortunately I don't have the gas or the cash, and my wife wouldn't allow it anyway so, hopefully, someone who will read this listing news article, will check it out and walk away with four footballs and a Great Big Smile. :)

Anyway, here is the...

Seller's Description:
This is a collection of 4 Limited Edition Footballs with Glass Oak and Black Glass Football Cases. Troy Hall of fame, Emmitt, All time rushing leader, Triplets & Superbowl.

Listing Details:

Listing Location: dallas craigslist
Item Location: Mesquite

Listing Link: Dallas Cowboys Limited Edition Footballs with Glass Cases - $250 (Mesquite)


Dallas Cowboys Classifieds is Not in any way associated, nor affiliated with any sellers, manufacturers, nor with any other entities or agents of this (or these) products. We receive no payments, commissions, reimbursements, or compensation for the display or sale of this (or these) items. They are displayed here, simply as Listing News.
So Enjoy!
And of course, Buyer Beware!


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