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Monday, September 28, 2009

1972 Dallas Cowboys Autographed Football for sale

Dallas Cowboys Classifieds: Listed;

1972 Dallas Cowboys
Autographed Football

for sale on craigslist.

Check this Rare 1972 Dallas Cowboys TEAM Autographed Football. What a Great Find! I found this 1972 Dallas Cowboys TEAM Autographed Football while shopping the Alaskan craigslist of all places. But then, that's what I do as the Dallas Cowboys Classifieds "Talent Scout" (so to speak). Ok, so I'm just a Bargain Hunter. The important thing to remember is that when I Find a bargain like this, I blog it here at the Dallas Cowboys Classifieds. But enough about me.

Seller says his Dad got this 1972 Dallas Cowboys TEAM Autographed Football when he was a kid, but that instead of taking care of it, he played with it. Consequently, the autographs have faded. But it is definitely a piece of Dallas Cowboys History that should be preserved.

Seller's Description:
Autographed football by the complete Dallas Cowboys in 1972, the year they went and WON the superbowl!! My dad got it when he was a kid and made a bad choice of playing with it. Some autographs are barely visable but if you looks close, there all there. Make an offer. Top bid by September 15th gets it. There is a reserved selling price. Title email as "my bid". Thanks

Note: The seller's deadline for offers has past. But his listing (as of this post) is still active on craigslist. I will update this post to reflect any changes in the seller's ad.

Listing Details:

Listing Location: anchorage craigslist

Listing Link: 1972 Dallas Cowboys Autographed Football (Anchorage)


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