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Monday, October 12, 2009

Dallas Cowboys BEAT Kansas City Chiefs 26-20

Dallas Cowboys Classifieds: Huddle Up!

Dallas Cowboys
BEAT the
Kansas City Chiefs

I'm not sure "beat" is the correct word, as "Escaped" is a little more descriptive of just what transpired in Kansas City. Nevertheless, the Dallas Cowboys "won".

Tony Romo for the first time in a Long time, was spot on perfect. Yet while Tony's performance was up to par with his usual self. That, in itself, is part of the overall problem as we all know that "Tony's usual", is to perform, and then flop.

In deed, and in retrospect. The reason the Cowboys won this game (aside from the Kansas City Chiefs being the worse team in the league). Is because the Chiefs, committed the cardinal sin against Tony Romo. ...they Pressured him!

You see, Tony's problem is in his head, not in his arm. Meaning; if you rush (blitz) him, he won't have time to "think" about anything but "get rid of the ball". Which, he Can do very well as Tony is a scrambler. Even a fighter. Which means; that when you pressure him, he will Beat you.

There are of course, a few teams that are able to contain Tony's Maverick Gun-Slinger antics. But, and especially considering the poor and literally pathetic Dallas Cowboys offensive line. The best way to defeat Tony Romo and the Cowboys, is to Rush Three, with a delayed fourth man rush, with everybody else back in coverage.

The delayed fourth man will give the Dallas offense time to commit to the three man pass rush, and fail to pick up the fourth man. But more importantly! It will give Tony Romo time to "think" about what he is doing. And with every man covered, he will have plenty to think about, when Suddenly, the Fourth Man Rushes in forcing him to pass in the midst of a mental conflict.

This is what the Denver Broncos were doing, and of course, they won. Note too that the fourth man can pick up the Run just in case Jason Garrett realizes whats happening to Tony and decides to try something different. But in either case, the Cowboys problem lies in Tony's mental status, rather than in his arm.


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