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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dallas Cowboys Frosted Glass Set for sale

Dallas Cowboys Classifieds: Listed from our Classified Dallas Cowboys Store;

Dallas Cowboys Frosted Pint Glass
(16-Ounce, Set of 2)

This is a heavy duty institutional quality glass. It is the same product that Boelter Brands manufactures for the bar and restaurant trade. Each glass weighs about 1 pound. (in other words, these are NOT Cheap made glasses.) Boelter Brands is one of the leading suppliers of glassware to the restaurant and bar industry.


* Usually ships in 24 hours
* Brand: Boelter Brands
* Model: 154117
* Released on: 2008-06-26


* This pint glass has the team's official logo applied over a frosted glass and the league's logo etched into the frosted glass

Price: $21.99

Item Link: Dallas Cowboys Frosted Pint Glass (16-Ounce, Set of 2)
From Boelter Brands


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