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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dallas News- Jones Buys Cowboys, Fires Landry

Dallas Cowboys Classifieds: Listed;

Dallas Morning News-
"Jones Buys Cowboys, Fires Landry"

Talk about Dallas Cowboys Memorabilia! This Feb. 26, 1989 Sunday Edition of the Dallas Morning News is truly a Blast from the Past! Jerry Jones Buys the Dallas Cowboys and FIRES Tom Landry! (Does anybody remember the OUTRAGE of the Dallas Cowboys fans besides me?)

Well now you can own this piece of Dallas Cowboys history as the Dallas Cowboys Classifieds has found this RARE, Historical Document, at auction on ebay.

Seller doesn't say anything in his description about the Condition of this document. But judging by the seller's pictures, it is definitely NOT mint. However I do agree with the seller in that, no True Dallas Cowboys fan should be without a copy of this Dallas Cowboys history.

Seller's Description:
Dallas Morning News
Feb. 26, 1989
Jones Buys Cowboys
Fires Landry
Section A with Headline & Picture of Tex Schramm
Section B-Sports Section
Full Coverage of Sale with Color Picture of Landry
A Must Have for Dallas Cowboy Memobillia-No Collection is complete without this Newspaper coverage!!!!

Auction Details:
Seller: vernoncburgess
Auction Ends: Oct 19, 2009 09:15:18 PDT (about 4 days 15 hours as of the time of this post.) (Official eBay Time)
Page Views: 6
Bids: 0
Starting Bid: $25.00

Current Bid:

Auction Link: Dallas Morning News-Jones Buys Cowboys-Fires Landry

(Note: As of the time of this post, there have only been Six (6) Page Views of this item. Amazing!)

UPDATE: - 7:26 PM 10/17/2009 - Now with only 15 Page Views, there are Still Zero bids for this fine piece of Dallas Cowboys History. Maybe it's the $25.00 starting bid. Maybe is the odds with just 15 PVs. But maybe, Jerry Jones still so hated that... ?

UPDATE: This Auction Has Ended!
Page Views: 31
Bids: 0


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