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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vintage Dallas Cowboys Posters for Sale! 1970's

Dallas Cowboys Classifieds: Found;

Vintage 1970's
Dallas Cowboys Posters

for Sale on craigslist!

I found these rare, Vintage 1970's Dallas Cowboys Posters for Sale on craigslist and thought you might like to check them out. So here i am blogging about their listing.

I don't know how many there are but, seller states that they are in "Mint" condition. And for only $10 each, hey, I'm thinking, That's Cheap!!!

Here is the...

Sellers Description: (as posted on craigslist)

Very rare, printed during the 1970s before Jerry Jones bought the team. These posters were part of a series produced by the U.S. Dept. of Justice Bureau of Dangerous Narcotics (Now ATF). I'll sell them for $10 each or three for $25. Have several players including Staubach, Hayes, Lilly, Garrison, Wright and Pugh. Email if interested and I'll reply with my contact information.

Listing Details:

Item Location: Dallas, Texas

Listing Location: dallas craigslist

Listing Link: Mint condition 1970s Cowboys posters - $10 (Dallas, TX)

UPDATE: The above link is Still active. However seller has posted a newer craigslist Ad for the same Vintage Dallas Cowboys Posters here; 1970s Cowboys posters - $10 (Irving, TX)

UPDATE: The Seller has Removed the above two listings from craigslist. (Not really sure why unless he just wasn't getting the response(s) he thought he should.) However, the seller has Re-Newed his listing as of 10-18-09 at the following craigslist address. "Bob Lilly posters from 1973 - $10".

UPDATE: The above links have been removed. Seller is Now Advertising at this link as, "Roger Staubach posters from 1973"

UPDATE: The above "Roger Staubach posters from 1973" link, is no longer valid. The seller now has a New craigslist Ad at "Dallas Cowboys posters from the 70s (Mint Condition) - $10 (Irving)".
Note: I'm not sure why these Vintage Dallas Cowboys Posters have not sold yet, but as I myself wouldn't mind owning one (or all), I intend to keep track of this seller's craigslist Ads for as long as I can.

UPDATE: 10:55 AM 1/17/2010
The above link has been Deleted by it's owner!
It appears as though some of the posters have sold as the seller's new craigslist Ad does not include mention of the Rodger Staubach poster, but does include Rayfield Wright, Walt Garrison and Jethro Pugh posters. Here is the new link;
"Dallas Cowboys posters from the 70s (Mint Condition) - $10 (Irving)"

Link UPDATE: Old 1970s Dallas Cowboys Posters - $10 (Irving)


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