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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dallas Cowboys Stadium - Season Opening Game

Dallas Cowboys Classifieds: News;

Dallas Cowboys Stadium
Season Opening Game
Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants

Suddenly, the plane carrying the New York Giants football team leans to one side as the players all dog pile over to see that which is Astonishing, Astounding, Ominous, and Foreboding.

The Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium!
"an eerie resemblance to the massive spacecraft dwarfing cities in "Independence Day," the 1996 doomsday sci-fi epic. Cowboys Stadium is clearly the mother ship." - writes; Christopher Smith of the Los Angeles Times.

The Cowboys announced Friday that the retractable roof and glass end zone doors –again, the world's largest – will be open for the matchup against the New York Giants" reports JEFF MOSIER of the The Dallas Morning News. "The team is also opening the parking lots and stadium earlier than usual to accommodate a crowd that's predicted to be more than 100,000. Daniels said that the crowd size could potentially break National Football League attendance records, but they'll have to see how many ticket holders show up.

The parking lots will open at 1 p.m. for the 7:30 p.m. kickoff. The lots usually open four or five hours before the game. The plazas will open at 3 p.m., 4 1/2 hours before the game starts instead of the standard three hours. ... The Cowboys will also have bands, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue dancers performing in the plazas before the game."

UPDATE: The Dallas Cowboys Have LOST their Season Opener at the Brand New Dallas Cowboy Stadium (AKA, "Jerry World")

"Wait a minute!" Let me rephrase that.
TONY (LOSER) ROMO, has Lost the season opener FOR the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Cowboy Fans, and Yes, for Jerry Jones who, believe it or not, I Truly felt sorry for at the end of last nights game.

Yeah yeah, I know Jerry has his faults. But he "has" given the Dallas Cowboys, and most especially their fans, the Greatest Football Stadium in the World. And with it, a Pride that is a Texas, and a Texan's kind of pride. And you could see that pride in the fans (and in Jerry Jones), with Over 105,000 in attendance in what can only be described as a Winning Spirit, in a Super Bowl atmosphere. In deed I hadn't seen spirit like that since the 1992-93 Dallas Cowboys won Super Bowl XXVII.

But then, Tony Romo took the field. Or maybe.. more descriptively and closer to the truth. Tony Romo Gave the field away, and effectively Destroyed any chance of the Dallas Cowboy fans had in taking pride in their team, or in their Stadium. And I say OUR Cowboys Stadium, as Jerry Jones himself, is the first to tell you that Cowboys Stadium was built by the Cowboy Fans, rather than by him. Which is why I take issue with those who would call it "Jerry World" as it is NOT Jerry's World!!! But, OUR PRIDE, that they are demeaning by saying such things.

Nevertheless, last night's loss to the New York Giants (Congrats), was a defeat that Cannot be lived down, as it will Always Remain in Cowboy History, even as Tony Romo's failure to close out Texas Stadium wit a win.

More; The Embarrassment, and injury to the Pride of the Dallas Cowboys fans. Is such that can Only be Repaired, by a Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl Win. Such a win, however. Is about as eminent, as any kind of optimism the Cowboy fans Now have, for their team. Thank you, Tony Romo! And yeah, I know you don't care what the fans think. But son, nothing but "Tar and Feathers" await you, on your horizon.



Build It Bigger: Dallas Cowboys Stadium
From Science Channel

Dallas Cowboys Stadium: Behold the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. 3 million square feet. 73 acres. Costing over $1.1 billion dollars. Room for 100,000 fans. Join host Danny Forster as he explores the largest football stadium ever constructed in the United States.

  • Released on: 2009-08-17
  • Format: NTSC
  • Running time: 43 minutes
DVD Price: $19.95

Link: Build It Bigger: Dallas Cowboys Stadium
From Science Channel


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